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Photographer in Budapest and Hungary

Hello! My name is Uliana.

I came to Budapest 7 years ago from Yekaterinburg, Russia.

In the beginning of my way I took photos of newborns, apartaments, tourists, sightseeings, a lot of them, naked women, dentists, children's parties. It didn't only let me to pump up my skills, but also taught me what is mine and what's not.

Nowadays my repertoire are beloved couples, weddings, families.

I am inspired by love: natural, clear, naive, cheerful, peaceful, tender. There is a theory that in each of us there is an inner child. Please take him to your photoshoot and let him out)

I think when people don't look into the camera, photos are more sincere.

What's important for me is connection between me and models.

If something started to sparkle inside of you while looking through my photos, feel free to text me!)

See u!

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